VRlight - Silverlight VR tour

VRlight is a Silverlight based multi-platform solution to display virtual tours (VR) of 360x180 panoramic images.

How to create a VR tour using VRlight and VRedit

Webserver using IIS or Apache

Step 1
Download VRlight.zip and unpack the files to a folder.

Step 2
Copy your panoramic images to the folder ClientBin. The images must have a aspect ration of 2:1. For example: 4000px x 2000px. Except for the Layout mode 'Text', you should provide thumbnail images. Resize the panoramic images (for example: 200px x 100px) and add the image to the folder ClientBin. You can also provide low res preview images that are loaded before the actual image. Resize the panoramic images to 50% with luminance compression of 20% and revert to grey scale after that. That results in perfect preview images and can be easily done with cPicture.

Step 3
Start VRedit and load a project or create a new project:


Click the 'Add' button to add the equirectangular panoramic images.



Enter a name and optional button, preview and audio files:


Double click the preview to add hotspots or info spots:


Set Layout and Style:




VRlight uses equirectangular images in JPEG and has four display modes:

Use the following Layout type 'Vertical'

Use the following Layout type 'Horizontal Layout'


Use the following Layout type 'Text Layout'


Use the following Layout type 'Map Layout'

The coordinates are relative to your map file (map.jpg in this sample). You need to add the map file to the ClientBin folder.

Upload the files in your project folder to the IIS or Apache webserver.


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